Drink More Water!

“Drink more water!”

You’ve heard it from your mother, your doctor, the school nurse, all your co-workers when you call in sick … but, do you do it? According to “Dr. ‘B'” in his book “You Aren’t Sick — You’re Thirsty” lack of enough pure, clean water is the number one cause of poor health. If there is even a chance that the solution to your health issues is simply to “drink more water,” why isn’t everyone chugging their required half-ounce of water per pound of body weight each day?

Of course, the beverage industries don’t want you to drink more water–they want you to drink their sugary or chemical-laden toxic, dehydration causing drinks. If you drink more water you will feel better, have more natural energy and not have that constant thirst that coffee, tea and soda pop creates. Where’s the profit in that?

If your water is clean, you will naturally drink more water.

Years ago I sold water filters that removed organic chemicals from municipal tap water. Cleaning the water in this way made such a difference in the experience of drinking it that everyone in the family naturally began to drink more water, less pop and other beverages. All we had to do was loan families a counter top filter for a week, then have them compare the filtered water to their tap water after a week of drinking clean water. Consistently we would observe an expression of startled disgust at the experience of their tap water. Since we offered an affordable payment plan, and the parents knew that their family would drink more water with the filter than without it, they usually bought the filter.

Without a filter, if you drink more water, you also drink more toxins.

Sadly, our environment is now such that natural sources of clean water are virtually non-existent. In order to drink more water without poisoning ourselves, water filtration has become compulsory. Since I am no longer in the water filtering business, I now rely on APEC. We have an under-the-sink reverse osmosis system which provides us with more than enough clean, delicious water for ourselves and our pets, plus several friends who fill their water jugs to take home.

Motivation to drink more water:

If you need more motivation to drink more water, I recommend the following books:

Remember, better health is simple. Just drink more water. CLEAN water!

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